Children's Therapy Services
How We Charge/Insurance

Trinitas Childrenís Therapy Services is a fee-for-service therapy provider. As a nonprofit organization, we make every effort to provide quality services at an affordable cost to the consumer. School, Therapy Center and Workshop fee schedules are available upon request.

School-Based Therapy Services
For information regarding the current fee schedule for educationally based occupational or physical therapy services, please call
973-218-6394, ext. 11 for Sherone Lewis, Manager of Business Development & Operations.

Center-Based Therapy Services
Insurance companies differ in their reimbursement procedures. It is important that you contact your individual insurance company prior to scheduling an evaluation or therapy. Trinitas Childrenís Therapy Services will provide you with documentation, including diagnosis codes, procedure codes and facility/billing information needed to submit a claim. Your insurance company will send reimbursement checks directly to you. Please note that some insurance companies require separate paperwork and/or a prescription.

For information regarding the current fee schedule for center-based occupational, physical and speech-language therapy services, please call 973-218-6394, ext. 12 to leave a message for the Therapy Center Coordinator.

Workshops & Seminars
Workshops and seminars are individualized according to the customerís needs. Fees for our educational programs will depend upon the number of attendees expected, the length of the program and the number of presenters. To receive information regarding fees for a specific workshop or seminar, please complete and submit our external education request form and fax it to the attention of Christine German, Senior Occupational Therapist responsible for external education programs. The fax number is 973-218-6351. For assistance Christine can be reached at 973-218-6394, ext. 4012.


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