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Center-Based Therapy Services
Insurance companies differ in their reimbursement procedures. It is important that you contact your individual insurance company prior to scheduling an evaluation or therapy. Trinitas Childrenā€™s Therapy Services will provide you with documentation, including diagnosis codes, procedure codes and facility/billing information needed to submit a claim. Your insurance company will send reimbursement checks directly to you. Please note that some insurance companies require separate paperwork and/or a prescription.

For information regarding the current fee schedule for center-based occupational, physical and speech-language therapy and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) services, please call 973-218-6394, ext.12 to leave a message for the Therapy Center Manager.


How We Work: Center-Based Programs

Located in Springfield, New Jersey, our Therapy Center offers individualized occupational, physical and speech therapy, and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) evaluations, therapies and programs.

Trinitas Children's Therapy Services has a long history of providing the highest quality of therapy to the pediatric population. Our experienced staff is registered and licensed by the State of New Jersey and many of the therapists have additional training in specialty area such as sensory integration, listening programs, pediatric certifications, the Interactive MetronomeĀ® and PROMPT Techniques to name a few. Therapy Center services include evaluations, direct intervention, consulting services, and fun therapeutic after school and summer programs. Trinitas Children's Therapy Services provides a wide variety of specialized assessments and treatment techniques. Programs are individualized for each child.

Check our Events page on this website for a list of upcoming Center-Based and Recreational Programs & Events.

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Specialized Services Offered

Sensory Integration &
Praxis Test (SIPT)

The Alert Program Published
by Therapy Works Inc.

The Listening ProgramĀ®

Therapeutic ListeningĀ®

Interactive MetronomeĀ®

The Wilbarger Brushing Program

Sensory Integration Therapy

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)


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